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We need your help. There are many opportunities for you to serve in this ministry. All we ask is that you have a willing heart and a spirit of obedience and you can play a crucial role in God's ministry of Changing Hearts, Transforming Lives and Impacting the World. Here's some basic information to help you "get involved."

Be a Team Member

Kairos volunteers come from all walks and strata of life. They all share a desire to follow Christ's admonition of Matthew 25:36, "I was in prison and you visited me." If you feel God's call to minister to the incarcerated the female family member of someone incarcerated, as a part of a Kairos team, go to Where We Serve and contact the Advisory Council Chairperson to inquire about how you can get involved, or contact the Alaska State Chapter office to find out about qualification and training and to be put in touch with the local Kairos community. Not all team members serve inside correctional institutions. Kairos Outside weekends are usually held at church camps (and similar facilities).

Inmates refer to our volunteers as "the ones that come back." Below is a typical "Year in the Life" of a Kairos Volunteer includes the following areas of service:

   - Training and Team building of the Volunteer Team - approx 43 hrs

   - Other preparation (writing letters, fundraising, making cookies, etc.) - approx 20 hrs

   - Program inside the prison - approx 42 hrs

   - Instructional Reuninon inside the prison - approx 8.5 hrs

   - Continuing ministry - approx 24 hrs (2 hrs per month)

   - 2-day retreat - approx 22 hrs

   - Travel - approx 34.5 hrs (1.5 hours for each meeting)

Be a Prayer Partner

All Kairos activities are covered with prayer. You can be a part of that prayer effort. Contact us! You can find many of our prayer vigils on a

Be a Support Volunteer

Each Kairos retreat weekend has opportunities for outside support, writing letters of support, or preparing meals. Get your church's Sunday school classes to color placemats for mealtime in prison.

Be a Cookie Baker

We may need up to 5,000 dozen cookies for a typical Kairos weekend. Do the math... that's 60,000 cookies! Homemade cookies are a tangible expression of Christian love and an indication of God's concern for a group of people who seldom encounter either in the course of their daily lives. Your loving sacrifice will provide "bread" that shines the Light of God's Grace into the darkest corners of a prison unit. May God bless you for the gift of baking! Different institutions have different rules concerning cookies, but if they allow cookies, you can guarantee that they'll allow chocolate chip! Check with your local Kairos community representative for details.

Cookie Guidelines and Recipes

Be a Ministry Financial Donor

All Kairos activities are funded by donations. If you would like to support this ministry by your donation, make your check payable (any amount is appreciated!) to Kairos Prison Ministry International and send it to our State Treasurer at:

Kairos of Alaska
P.O. Box 3923
Soldotna, AK 99669

or click here to make a financial donation.

Who may I contact to discuss Kairos of Alaska?

Call or email any of the State Committee members listed in the Contact Us section of the website.

What correctional facilities does Kairos currently serve?

See the list of current facilities listed in the Where We Serve section of the website. There are several other facilities where we desire to start up Kairos teams, and we are searching for passionate volunteers to help start up Kairos services in those facilities. Contact the current State Chairman listed in the Contact Us section of the website.

How do I join a Kairos team to serve in a correctional facility?

Please contact any State Committee member on the Contact Us section of the website. In general, you simply need to select which facility you wish to serve in, submit a application to the Kairos volunteer coordinator for that facility (who will fill in any missing information and submit it to the correct CDOC volunteer coordinator), arrange to attend required CDOC Basic Volunteer Training (BVT), and complete a Team application for a particular Kairos Facility Weekend team.
Hiland Correctional Center for Women
Advisory Council Chair:
Wildwood Correctional Center for Men
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